The first 700C crawler was produced in 1932 and the first specialised tractor in 1951, the 25RS. Built on decades of experience, New Holland always imagines the future and adapts its products to customers’ expectations. The new New Holland T4 F/N/V and TK4 ranges are fully redesign and developed to do all kinds of jobs in any condition. Slopes and flate areas, vineyards, mega orchards, greenfield... the impossible is their specialty. With a huge level of comfort, safety and visibility, the new VisionView™ cab provides the best working environment for long working days. Up to date - our new ranges are connected and help you to monitor each task for perfect traceability. The excellence of all specialised products confirms New Holland as a world leader. The Jesi production facility is not only respecting the environment while producting Stage V tractors but is also reducing the carbon footprint of the entire plant. It won the Ecohitech award for its progress, a mean feat for a plant that never makes the same tractor twice! With a strong dealer network, New Holland is always close to you, with its trained and certified teams.

SUPER COMPACT DESIGN - The lowest and the most compact hood. The entire ATS system is integrated under the hood, maintaining the overall widths of each category of special V/N/F as well as the unbeatable maneuverability 76º turning angle in the SuperSteer front axle versions. Pure New Holland brand DNA.

SUPER POWERFUL - The best in class FPT engine with more max torque and torque reserve, up to 120 hp “real” nominal power. Available 80 l/min Load Sensing pump for intense hydraulic applications to serve up to 8 mid/10 rear outlets and strong enough to perform combined work thanks to its front power lift. Maximum versatility and productivity.

THE BEST COMFORT & VISIBILITY - The new VisionView™ Cab with 4 pillars and high visibility front screen. Flat deck, more interior space, and new ergonomics layout controls with the lowest sound level at 71 dBA will make long working days a pleasure. Move up to the next level with the available suspended front axles.

THE FIRST AND SAFEST - New Holland was the pioneer, launching the BlueCab 4 precisely in Specialty tractors, with the highest level of protection on the market against contaminants. Choose at the touch of a simple button the level of protection (level 2 or level 4) you need for your daily work. All items under control in the new InfoView LCD 7” screen.

New Holland T4 FNV InfoviewINFOVIEW™

The large LCD flat colour screen displays all the information the operator needs to know. The InfoView™ has 4 different areas of information and is very easy to see. Thanks to its design and ergonomics, this screen does not obstruct the view from the drivers seat. It is possible to set the electrohydraulic remotes (EHR) flow, the category 4 system, the maintenance notifications, the electronic draft control (EDC) and many other functions.



New Holland T4 FNV turning circle dimensions


T4 F N V tractors have the option of 3 different front axles, Standard, SuperSteer™ and Terraglide™. The legendary SuperSteer™ front axle offering an effective steering angle of 76°, which means a tractor can turn in a radius as low as 3.5m for truly outstanding agility. The Terraglide™ front axle suspension smooths out the bumps and lumps on the road and field. Not only does it provide superior comfort for operator, but also it is proven to protect the tractor and mounted implements. In the field the advanced suspension system maintains contact between the tyre and the ground to improve traction and safety


New Holland T4 FNV rear and front hitch ALL NEW FRONT AND REAR LINKAGE

 Compatible with all T4 F N V tractor models, the new front linkage option has a lift capacity of up to 1500kg. Compatible   with a SuperSteer™ front axle, the front linkage is available with or without front PTO. The rear linkage has been   completely redesigned with 2 external lift cylinders providing a lift capacity of up to 2519kg. Mechanical Draft Control with   proven Lift-O-Matic™ system is standard on all models and Electronic Draft Control is optional.


New Holland T4 FNV Joystick


Thanks to the modular design of the new T4 F N V tractors, the transmissions can be easily matched to the end user’s needs. Advanced features include a new ergonomic gear leveller position, new creeper engagement by just pushing a button and the ability to adjust the Powershuttle aggressiveness. New options includes a new Parking lock feature now available on Powershuttle transmissions as well as on Dual Command™ versions. Shuttle reverse and PTO are now have fully configurable engagement settings in order to have the right adjustment for the application.


New Holland T4 FNV on a dirt road with no roof FOLDING ROPS

 ROPS models have a forward folding frame to clear over-hanging crops or access low buildings. The new folding beacon design       allows a quick and easy transition when necessary.




Tractor of the year award image


T4 F/N/V tractors are equipped with the famous F34 and F36 high performance 4-cylinder FPT Industrial engines with Stage V electronic fuel injection, ranging from 75 to 120hp. The F34 and
F36 engines offer fantastic fuel efficiency thanks to the ability to achieve max torque at just 1,300rpm. The AdBlue and fuel tanks are perfectly sized for long working days. FPT Industrial engines
provide market leading performance and reliability. With 600hr service intervals on the T4 Speciality range delivering low cost of ownership and a reduction in downtime.


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New Holland T4.110V ROPSNew Holland T4.120V ROPSNew Holland T4.80FL BassottoNew Holland T4.90FL BassottoNew Holland T4.100FL Bassotto






New Holland T4.110FL BassottoNew Holland T4.120FL Bassotto