SUM & SUH Subsoilers


New Holland's SUM medium-duty and SUH heavy-duty subsoilers are highly versatile, designed to adapt to a wide range of soil types. These subsoilers are equipped with features that allow them to efficiently operate in varying conditions, including fields with high levels of crop residues. The design enables them to work directly into land following crops.

All models include a leg with a reversible tip, a pair of adjustable and detachable side blade clod busters, and a clod splitter to enhance soil shattering. The working depth is precisely controlled by twin rear 220mm diameter spike rollers with an adjustable tilt angle, providing the flexibility to tailor the finish to suit the specific soil and conditions.

In terms of working depth, SUM models can be set to operate within the range of 200mm to 500mm, while SUH models are specifically designed to work between depths of 250mm to 550mm. This ensures that heavy soils are left level and clod-free, while lighter soils exhibit a more open surface, reducing the risk of capping during adverse conditions. These subsoilers effectively enhance soil structure and promote optimal conditions for crops, contributing to improved agricultural productivity.



sum-suh-subsoilers-the-rangeRIGHT FOR YOUR SOILS. RIGHT FOR YOUR BUDGET.

New Holland offers SUM and SUH linkage-mounted subsoilers in various working widths, including 2.50m, 3.00m, and 4.00m. These models are designed to suit different soil types, ensuring effective soil management. They are compatible with tractors ranging from 110hp to 350hp, making them accessible to a wide range of farming operations, from smaller enterprises to large farms and contract operations. Moreover, New Holland provides both medium and heavy-duty SUM and SUH models, giving customers the option to choose between mechanical or auto-reset hydraulic leg protection.

sum-suh-subsoilers-the-range-02A fully welded frame built to match your workload

The medium duty subsoilers in the SUM series from New Holland are constructed with a robust, precisely welded frame, enabling operations at working depths of up to 500mm. Similar to the heavier SUH models, the frame's wave-like design facilitates the smooth passage of substantial crop residues without causing blockages. Additionally, a standard feature of these subsoilers is a CAT IIIN / III hitch.

sum-suh-subsoilers-the-range-03Heavy duty subsoiling

The SUH subsoilers by New Holland are engineered to handle the toughest soils and can efficiently operate at depths of up to 550mm. These models are well-suited for both contract operators dealing with heavy workloads and intensive agricultural operations. Their durability is exceptional, ensuring they withstand demanding usage. Additionally, a standard feature for SUH subsoilers is a CAT III / IV N hitch.


/sum-suh-subsoilers-depth-controlDIG DOWN TO FIND THE RIGHT WORKING DEPTH

The appropriate working depth for SUM and SUH subsoilers is determined by the specific condition of the soil. These subsoilers offer adjustable settings to accommodate a range of soils and conditions. Conducting a soil assessment by excavating a test pit allows for a thorough evaluation of the subsoil condition, enabling precise adjustment of the subsoiler's working depth to suit the particular requirements of the soil.

sum-suh-subsoilers-depth-control-02Depth adjustment

Depth adjustment is hydraulic and can be varied on the move (1) 3 depth ranges can also be set for:
A - Shallow
B - Medium
C - Deep tillage

sum-suh-subsoilers-depth-control-03Visible depth adjustment

These subsoilers are equipped with a clearly visible graduated scale that can be easily viewed from the tractor cab. This scale serves as a convenient tool, providing operators with a clear indication of the set working depth, enhancing accuracy and ease of use during operations.

sum-suh-subsoilers-trip-system-legs-01THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB, NOW AND IN THE FUTURE

New Holland has tailored the SUM and SUH subsoilers to align with the requirements of minimal tillage, offering customizable options to suit your particular needs. A key distinguishing feature of the New Holland subsoiler range is the robust, fully welded frame present in all models, ensuring outstanding durability. Additionally, these subsoilers are designed with easily replaceable wearing parts and straightforward setup procedures to achieve optimal performance. When using SUM and SUH subsoilers, the targeted soil work enhances soil structure, especially in cases where the soil has been compromised due to unfavorable practices, heavy traffic, or flood damage.

sum-suh-subsoilers-trip-system-legs-02Shear bolt simplicity for all models

• All models feature shear bolts as either the primary (R models) or secondary (RH models) form of leg protection
• Shear bolts are set to break at 5400kg force (SUH) & 4200kg force (SUM)
• Offers protection from large immovable obstacles
• Onboard storage for 5 spare shear bolts

sum-suh-subsoilers-trip-system-legs-03• SUM & SUH RH models are fitted with hydraulic auto reset stone protection
• Allows non-stop working in stony conditions
• Hydraulic cylinders on each leg are linked to nitrogen accumulators to provide damping
• Break back pressure can be adjusted between 1000 - 2000kg
• Large stones can be cleared in the subsoil without bringing them to the surface
• RH models offer a second layer of protection by using shear bolts if the obstacle cannot be overcome


sum-suh-subsoilers-trip-system-legs-04Lateral and leg clog breakers

• 140mm side blades are fitted to each leg to shatter lumps through the soil layers
• They have a minimized draft impact and are height adjustable depending on your working depth range
• Clod breakers mounted on the center of the leg serve as wear plates to protect the leg and as well as breaking large lumps

sum-suh-subsoilers-trip-system-legs-05Reversible leg points

The leg points on all models are securely fastened using specially designed heavy-duty roll pins. This construction makes it simple to reverse or replace the leg points once they have reached full wear, ensuring efficient maintenance and longevity of the subsoilers.


sum-suh-subsoilers-trip-system-legs-06The right wearing parts for your soils

Various soil types pose distinct challenges, and to address this, SUM and SUH subsoilers are available with specific features. They come equipped with boron steel points and lateral clod breakers, which offer increased durability and are particularly suitable for stony ground, minimizing the risk of shearing. In cases where the soil is abrasive, utilizing wearing parts coated with tungsten is advised. These tungsten-coated parts can significantly extend the working life, providing up to three times the longevity compared to boron parts under similar conditions.