ProRotor™ Rakes


The ProRotor™ single rotor rakes are designed to deliver the crop to the side and come with a customizable swath curtain that can be adjusted to match the width of the swath being worked on.

Moreover, the range offers various wheel options:

  • Four wheel bogie axle ensures smooth operation even in undulating terrain.
  • Three D bogie axle allows the front wheel to track the rake during turns, improving its ability to follow the arc of the turn


prorotor-rakes-details-01TANGENTIAL TINE ARM TECHNOLOGY

The tine arms of the rake deviate from the traditional 90° configuration and are instead positioned tangentially. This design choice is made to optimize the delivery process and ensure gentle handling of the crop during operation.


prorotor-rakes-details-02Maintenance free rotor arms

The rotor arms on select models such as ProRotor 420, 450, L 640 Auto-Steer, L 640, C 760, and C 820 are equipped with maintenance-free ball bearings at both ends. Constructed from durable solid steel, these rotor arms are specifically designed to endure rigorous and frequent usage, showcasing a robust engineering approach.


prorotor-rakes-details-03Efficient tine arm storage

To facilitate convenient transport and storage, the tine arms can be effortlessly removed and stored in a designated tine arm storage area. This not only enhances visibility during transport but also reduces the overall width of the rake, making it ideal for navigating narrow country lanes or for compact storage, especially during winter or when not in use.