Centre Trailed Mowers


The center trailed mower range provides superior side-to-side flexibility and operational efficiency. The center pull DiscCutter™ C models are offered in 3.11 and 3.52 metre variants. You have the option to select from two different conditioner types—steel flail and rubber chevron rollers—based on your specific operational needs. For safeguarding the mower against obstacles like rocks, the TopSafe™ technology is activated.

DISCCUTTER™ C CENTRE TRAILED MOWERS - The centre trailed mower range offers the ultimate in side-to-side flexibility and operational efficiency. The centre pull DiscCutter™ C models are available in 3.11 and 3.52 metre options.

STATE-OF-THE-ART MANUFACTURING - Following key manufacturing principles, rigorous manufacturing and quality standards are upheld by a committed workforce, to deliver outstanding quality, durability and reliability.

A HISTORY OF EXCELLENCE - The New Holland brand has become synonymous with hay and forage excellence, an unbroken bloodline which stretches back more than a century.


rear-mounted-mowers-details-01 DURABLE CUTTERBAR TECHNOLOGY

 The cutterbar stands as the central element of the mower. Every model reaps the advantages of the cutterbar's low-profile   design, featuring a flawlessly smooth underside and a broad bearing surface. This design ensures minimal ground pressure,   providing protection to both the field and the crop during mowing and promoting faster regrowth. Moreover, the low-profile   design allows for cutting the crop to a 40mm stubble height, optimizing the harvest by capturing more of your crop.

front-mounted-mowers-details-06Ease of use

The cutterbar's twisted blades can be swiftly and conveniently replaced using a specialized tool. Servicing is straightforward due to the 'on top' serviceability feature. The bearing hubs can be promptly and easily disassembled, providing rapid access for servicing needs.

trailed-mowers-details-04 Tailored conditioning

 Depending on the crop, its moisture content, and intended use, you can promptly and effortlessly adjust the conditioning level using a single handle.




Prepared for the unexpected

Dealing with unforeseen field obstacles is inevitable, but with DuraDisc™ F, DiscCutter™ F, DiscCutter™, and MegaCutter™ models, you're in good hands with New Holland ShockPro™ disc drive hubs. These hubs act as a safeguard, protecting disc drive modules and allowing for swift replacement. When a disc encounters an obstruction, the partially splined hub is designed to shear, effectively safeguarding the cutterbar drive. This system ensures everything remains securely in place, providing you the time to halt and replace the single damaged hub with minimal cost and disruption.

trailed-mowers-details-06 TopDry™ feature

 This remarkable feature, found in DiscCutter™ models equipped with PE fingers or Steel Flail conditioners, facilitates extensive   crop spreading, covering over 85% of the cutting width. It enhances the conditioning process by actively guiding the crop into   the conditioner. The broader swath exposes a larger portion of the crop to air, reducing drying time—particularly beneficial   when operating in adverse weather conditions. Furthermore, the degree of top drying can be easily adjusted using a single   handle.

trailed-mowers-details-07Productive gearbox technology

The 360° gearbox is engineered to provide excellent turning performance on headlands. It can seamlessly turn through a complete 90° circumference to the drawbar without generating any vibrations, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.


trailed-mowers-details-08 Topsafe™ system

 The TopSafe™ feature proves highly effective when operating in stony ground. In the event of the mower encountering a stone   or protruding obstacle, this feature automatically raises the cutterbar over the obstacle, preventing potential damage from a   collision. Consequently, it minimizes damage and extends the machine's lifespan. The sensitivity of this system can be adjusted   by modifying two springs using a dedicated tool. This adjustment ensures the mower moves smoothly across varying ground   undulations, maintaining a consistent stubble height and promoting regrowth. Notably, this system has no impact on the   ground pressure system.

trailed-mowers-details-09A multitude of features

The entire DiscCutter™ C trailed mower range benefits from disc cutterbar technology, the TopDry™ system as well as different types of conditioner; choose between PE finger, steel flail and rubber chevron rollers to suit your operation.


trailed-mowers-details-11 Productivity boosting central drawbar

 The central drawbar design allows mowing from either the right or left-hand side, ensuring optimal utilization of the mower's   entire width. This design eliminates any tapering effect, maximizing in-field passes during baling or foraging. As a result, in-field   capacity can be increased by up to 15% because mowing from one side reduces headland turning time, ultimately boosting   mowing productivity.



Easy adjustment

To ensure quick and easy adjustment, the following parameters can all be adjusted by using just one tool
• TopSafe™ system
• Ground pressure
• Stubble height
• Degree of conditioning

trailed-mowers-details-13 Lower ground pressure

 The DiscCutter™ C Range is crafted to prioritize crop protection and promote regrowth. It is designed to be compatible with   large flotation tires, effectively minimizing ground compaction and ensuring the well-being of the crop.




Ease of operation

A range of features have been included to make operation even easier and include
• A solid parking jack for easy hitching and unhitching.
• High ground clearance, ideal when working with heavy and voluminous swaths.
• Hydraulic engagement of transport position.

trailed-mowers-details-03 A choice of conditioners

 Customers can choose from three different conditioner configurations:
 • PE Finger available on all mowers, except DiscCutter™ C models – these flexible Polyethylene fingers are highly flexible, light   and require minimal maintenance. Ideal for those producing cattle fodder, if  a finger is lost in the crop it will not harm livestock   or a forage harvester
 • Steel Flail available on DiscCutter C Models – durable and strong, the steel flail conditioner is ideal when working in stony or   sandy ground, as it will resist stone shocks and has been design to withstand extreme wear
                                                                                   • Rubber roller available on DiscCutter C Models – has been designed with delicate crops in mind, such as alfalfa and clover.                                                                                             Thanks to the gentle conditioning action, fodder value is maintained