The New Holland T6 Methane Power is the world’s first 100% methane powered production tractor, and is key to completing the virtuous cycle of the Energy Independent Farm system. Farmers grow crops and use waste products to generate biomethane, which powers the tractor, which, in turn, helps to grow those very crops.

FUEL FLEXIBILITY - Become energy self-sufficient by using biomethane from your biodigester or compressed natural gas (CNG) as fuel.

TRUE SUSTAINABILITY - 98% less particulate matter was produced compared to European Stage V emission limits. With biomethane, a 10 to 15% reduction in CO2 is achieved.

PROVEN ENGINE TECHNOLOGY - FPT Industrial has over 20 years of experience and produced over 50,000 natural gas engines to date.

SAME PERFORMANCE. GREATER SAVINGS. - Same power, torque and durability as its diesel counterpart, but with an estimated 30% reduction in running costs.





 For over a decade, New Holland is established as the Clean Energy Leader for its active promotion and development of   renewable fuels, emissions reduction systems and sustainable agricultural technology. New Holland offers the farmers of today   and tomorrow the widest choice of accessible solutions that improve efficiency and productivity, whilst respecting the   environment. Rooted in the belief that farmers can use technology to help them reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, the   New Holland Clean Energy Leader® strategy is based on four key pillars: Alternative Fuels, Efficient Productivity, Sustainable   Farming and being a Committed Company.

T6 methane power engine PURE POWER

 The power and torque produced by the methane engine are comparable to those of a standard production T6 tractor.
 This means that the T6 Methane Power responds in exactly the same way and enables you to complete the same tasks as   before, just more sustainably and with a reduced operating cost.
 The T6 Methane Power features an all-new NEF 6.7L engine specifically developed for agricultural applications by FPT Industrial,   a leader in natural gas powertrain technology, with over 20 years’ experience and 50,000 natural gas engines produced to date.
 Methane and biomethane are incredibly clean burning fuels, with up to 80% lower polluting emission

T6 methane power seating


 Want all around visibility? The New Holland’s industry leading Horizon™ cab is the solution. In the yard, in the field or on the   road, you have an uninterrupted, productivity enhancing view. The new sun-visor protects you from the harshest rays. Working   with front loaders? Select the high visibility, fully openable transparent roof hatch, which affords a perfect view at maximum   extension from the comfort of your seat. Never lose a grain or suffer a crick in your neck ever again. Whisper quiet comfort is   courtesy of a mere 70.5dB(A) cab noise level.


T6 methane power seats ultimate comfort


 New Holland brings to you the best-in class seat offering, with four different models providing you with a wide and   comprehensive choice. All seats benefit from improved cushioning. These firmer, more durable seat cushions provide   outstanding comfort whatever the terrain. A standard, full-sized upholstered instructor seat folds down to provide a work   surface when not in use.




 New Holland’s range of axles is engineered to perfectly match your requirements. All T6 tractors can be specified with   structurally light but strong front axles to fully exploit a front loader or linkage. An overall maximum gross vehicle weight of   10500kg on all models, when combined with perfect weight distribution and efficient ballasting optimises traction and means   you’ve got even more flexibility when using heavy mounted implements or when ballasting. All models benefit from a 2642mm   wheelbase which ensures a 4300mm turning radius for ultimate manoeuvrability. All T6’s come with a robust 275mm flanged   rear axle as standard. For operations looking for ultimate flexibility.

Electro Command transmission


 New Holland knows that every farm has different requirements, and that intelligent innovation also means offering tried and   tested solutions to improve efficiency. The semi powershift Electro Command™ transmission offers clutchless gear changes to   reduce fatigue, and gear shifting is taken care of for you with the addition of the optional Auto Modes.


Dynamic command transmission DYNAMIC OPERATION IN EVERY SITUATION.

 The Dynamic Command™ transmission, fruit of extensive customer consultation and an intensive research, development and   testing process, is now available on the T6 Methane Power. Designed to offer even more gears in the most frequently used   operating ranges, this will enable you to perfectly match the speed of your T6 to the task in hand. Furthermore, the ability to   deliver near instantaneous direction changes makes field, but especially loader work even easier and more efficient.


T6 methane pwoer with a front loader


 New Holland knows that full integration by design is the best option. That is why the T6 was designed with front loaders and   front linkage in mind. The T6 is fully compatible with the wide frame New Holland 600LA and 700LA range’s of front loaders: the   perfect productivity combination. Moreover, you’ll always have a perfect view of your load at full extension from the comfort of   your seat thanks to the optional high visibility, transparent roof hatch. Moreover, you no longer have to choose between front   loader or front linkage, with the T6 you can have both.


t6 methane power hydraulics


 Have you ever thought about just how much hydraulic flow you actually need? All T6 Methane Power tractors are fitted with a   Closed Centre Load Sensing (CCLS) hydraulic system as standard. Delivering 121 litres/minute that will power even the most   demanding implements including specialist vegetable harvesters. If that wasn’t enough, New Holland has engineered the CCLS   system to operate at peak efficiency. The benefit? Full hydraulic power is always available at the remote valves and linkage, but   only as much as is needed. The result? Reduced fuel consumption. Regardless of how hard your tractor is working, the steering   will always remain light and easy to use, and loader cycle times remain uncompromised thanks to a separate 47 litres/minute   service pump or optional 67 litres/minute pump when fitted with Class 4 front axle.



 When ordering your T6, you can choose between three guidance packages. This means that your T6 will arrive direct from the   factory with the exact accuracy level you require. Choose your accuracy level right down to the most precise 1.5cm option. A   must for high value vegetable or bulb farming.



t6-methane-power-uptime-solutions-01 CONTROL ROOM

 Using data from MyPLM®Connect, skilled technicians analyze specific triggers in the cloud to implement solutions as required.   If an issue is identified, the system proactively sends an alert to dealers with the corrective action. Then dealers can prepare         in-field or remote assistance and in addition New Holland can support the process to find the quickest solution. That’s New   Holland’s commitment to its customers.




 New Holland Agriculture is already imagining the future of farming, where farmers will be able to provide for all of their own   energy requirements. This concept is based on the principal that they can recycle and transform, what are today considered to   be mere by-products, into useful energy, alongside the integrated use of renewable energy, such as that generated from solar,   wind and biomass sources. New Holland is actively engaged in this challenge, and has continually developed innovative   solutions which will enable tomorrow’s farmers to capitalise on these advantages.