After talking to customers from a variety of farming backgrounds and from many markets the new T7 Heavy Duty with PLM Intelligence™ tractor is designed to meet today’s industry requirements. From its ease of use, compact dimensions, to the precision farming interface, and the extensive options list, whatever your work, the new T7 Heavy Duty will step up.

A NEW BENCHMARK FOR SPACIOUS COMFORT - The NEW Horizon™ Ultra cab is all about space, with more glass, a wider door and added storage. And, at just 66dBA, this cab is the quietest you’ll find.

PLM INTELLIGENCE™ TECHNOLOGY - T7 Heavy Duty tractors utilize the latest PLM Intelligence™ technology that allows you to use the advanced in-cab IntelliView™ 12 display for navigation, mapping, information sharing and fleet management.

POWER AND EFFICIENCY - Powered by the FPT Industrial ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR 2 Stage V NEF engine, the T7 Heavy Duty delivers up to 313 horsepower with maximum torque available at a mere 1,400 rpm. 

CONNECT QUICKER - Every T7 Heavy Duty tractor comes with MyPLM™ Connect telematics standard for five years, so you can stay in touch with machines at all times and utilize real-time data recording and sharing.



WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF INTELLIGENT FARMING WITH THE NEW T7 HEAVY DUTY WITH PLM INTELLIGENCE™   TECHNOLOGY - The new T7 Heavy Duty with PLM Intelligence™ tractor series builds on the legacy of its acclaimed T7 tractor family, expanding   and reinforcing all the critical areas that determine the success of modern agricultural operations, to deliver the all-round top   performance and comfort levels demanded by today’s largest contractors and arable farmers.

AN IDEAL PACKAGE CHOICE FOR YOUR OPERATION - The new T7 Heavy Duty with PLM Intelligence can be specified in either the Deluxe package for increased comfort and   cuttingedge technologies or the Elite package offering the ultimate in efficiency and automation with a selection of the most   innovative features. A further option for the Elite package is the luxury Blue Power version with its distinctive metallic midnight   blue paint and exclusive branding.