Semi Mounted Variable Width Reversible Plough


For generations, agricultural workers have depended on the plough as a steadfast technique for weed removal. Nonetheless, there are numerous benefits to ploughing, such as penetrating the soil structure, integrating crop remnants and fertilizers, and facilitating nutrient release through mineralization. Another benefit of ploughing is its effectiveness in managing root weeds and fungal diseases. Moreover, ploughing aids in alleviating soil compaction and expanding the top surface volume by approximately 30%, enhancing water absorption capabilities. All these factors come together to create a significant agronomic benefit for farmers.

PLOUGHING PRODUCTIVITY - Throughout history, farmers have depended on the plough as a highly dependable approach for weed removal. Nonetheless, plowing offers numerous benefits, including disrupting capillary action, integrating crop remnants and fertilizer, and encouraging nutrient release through mineralization.

LOW FUEL CONSUMPTION - Due to their well-engineered design, New Holland plough necessitate up to 15% less draft effort when compared to prominent competitors.

OVER 165 YEARS OF PLOUGH MAKING EXPERIENCE - New Holland ploughs are manufactured at our specialized facility located in Överum, Sweden. The Överum plant has a rich history of over 165 years in plough production, ensuring that every plough crafted benefits from this extensive experience.




 New Holland has created a variety of ploughs to provide you with the option to select the most suitable one for your specific   operation. To enhance flexibility, New Holland utilizes a modular system, allowing modules to be bolted rather than welded to   the frame. The chart below considers the two key factors in plough selection: tractor power and the needed number of furrows.




New Holland has designed a diverse range of plough bodies, allowing you to choose a plough that suits not only your specific application but also aligns with your soil and topographical conditions. Alongside this, you have the option to choose from various points, enabling precise customization of the soil-engaging components. Opt for short points for rocky or stony ground, or select streamlined flush points for particularly adhesive soil types, tailoring the effectiveness of the plough accordingly.


semi-mounted-reversible-headstocks QUALITY HEADSTOCKS

 Every New Holland plough comes equipped with sturdy and enduring headstocks, meticulously designed to align with their   intended usage profile. New Holland provides the option of two distinct stone release systems hydraulic or shear bolt allowing   you to make a practical choice based on your field's specific characteristics. This ensures that the soil continues to turn over   effectively during ploughing operations.




New Holland provides a choice between two distinct types of stone release systems: hydraulic and shear bolt. These systems boast one of the highest release heights available in the market, minimizing pressure transferred to the point during release and resulting in smoother ploughing operations.


semi-mounted-variable-width-reversible-pshv PSXV Range

 New Holland has designed the PSX range of ploughs for high capacity ploughing. The range is available in ultra-high capacity   five to eight furrow configurations. All models benefit from robust frames that offer high ground clearance.

 The New Holland range of PSXV ploughs incorporates heavy duty beam housing technology. All models feature high ground   clearance. Featuring one of the largest wheel dimensions available on the market – 15.5/80-24 – when fitted, this delivers low   pull resistance during field work, and high stability during road transport. The PSXV range is compatible with tractors of up to   360hp.

semi-mounted-variable-width-reversible-plough-wheel-rangePLOUGHING DEPTH

To enhance tractor traction within the field, hydraulic draft control is employed to regulate the plough's depth. However, when faced with varying soil conditions, operators might need to utilize the depth control lever to maintain a consistent ploughing depth. The inclusion of a depth wheel on the plough proves beneficial to the operator. It is a well-recognized practice that the most uniform ploughing is achieved when the depth wheel and draft control are used in conjunction.


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