Seedbed Cultivators


New Holland's seedbed cultivators excel at achieving precise working depths due to the absence of external forces transmitted to the implement through the tractor. The presence of two sizable transport wheels not only facilitates smoother road transport but also aids in mitigating compaction and scuffing during headland turns, enhancing overall operational efficiency.



seedbed-cultivators-sblv-range THE SBLV RANGE OF SEEDBED CULTIVATORS

 The mounted SBL V range of seedbed cultivators is equipped with the tried-and-true Vibro S tine configuration, making it highly   versatile for use across various soil types. The strategic placement of the share point directly beneath the fixation point ensures   precise and consistent working depth. Even when the tine is bent backward, the share point is only lifted by a few millimeters,   maintaining accuracy in operation. Additionally, the SBL V range offers flexibility with a choice of either Vibro S or SQ tines.


seedbed-cultivators-sblv-range-frame-designHeavy duty frame design


To safeguard both the harrow and the tractor from impacts during operation, a rubber shock absorber is mounted on the harrow's drawbar frame. This serves to absorb shocks and reduce the potential damage caused by sudden impacts, enhancing the durability and performance of the equipment.


seedbed-cultivators-sblv-range-vibrating-tines The benefits of vibrating tines

 The hardened vibrating tines play a critical role in providing an intensive workout for the soil while consistently maintaining the   desired working depth. These tines are engineered with a patented round profile steel, enhancing the intensity of vibration and   significantly improving soil preparation for optimal results.


seedbed-cultivators-sblv-range-timePick the tine which suits you

SQ tines are highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of soil types, offering an optimal solution for penetration and mixing. Their 60° angle design effectively prevents the pulling up of wet undersoil, ensuring efficient operation. The smaller circular bend in the tine enhances its rigidity, resulting in even more precise depth control during cultivation.


seedbed-cultivators-sblv-range A range of 9 possible working widths

 This specific range of seedbed cultivators is available in working widths ranging from 2.5 to 6.7 meters, while the transport   width falls between 2.6 and 3.4 meters. A key feature contributing to the ease of use is the straightforward and efficient depth   control, facilitated by a single adjusting handle. Additionally, the semi-quick hitch further simplifies the process of attaching the   implement, enhancing overall user convenience.


seedbed-cultivators-sbmv-rangeTHE SBMV RANGE OF SEEDBED CULTIVATORS

New Holland's fully-mounted SBM V seedbed cultivators are outfitted with vibrating tines, providing efficient performance in working widths ranging from 5.5 to 8.3 meters. These cultivators are designed to be compatible with tractors of up to 250 horsepower, offering substantial power for effective operation. The SBM V range offers versatility with a choice of tines, including Vibro S, SQ, SS, or VTM, allowing users to select the most suitable tine configuration for their specific needs.


seedbed-cultivators-sgx-range THE SGX RANGE OF SEEDBED CULTIVATORS

 Indeed, a successful harvest begins with the quality of the seed and how well it is nurtured in the soil. The proper preparation of   the seedbed is fundamental to unlock the full potential of fertilizers, crop protection products, and favorable weather   conditions. New Holland's range of seedbed cultivators is meticulously designed to facilitate a one-pass seedbed preparation   process. This not only optimizes in-field activities but also contributes to a reduction in overall operating costs, ensuring that   farmers can achieve the best start for their seeds and maximize subsequent yield benefits.


Explore available models:

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