Stubble Cultivators


Effectively managing field stubble can offer substantial agronomic advantages to arable farmers, turning what was traditionally deemed waste into a highly nutritious soil component. The inclusion of stubble, straw, and other plant residues accelerates decomposition, resulting in a faster release of nutrients. This approach also allows farmers to make the most of soil moisture right after harvest, establishing an optimal environment where microbes can flourish and operate most efficiently.

Intermediate seedbed establishment - Employing shallow cultivation directly after the harvest encourages lost and dormant seeds to germinate. This also enables a seedbed to be established for intermediate crops such as mustard and radishes. It also removes the main source of nourishment for slugs – thereby acting as a pest control measure.

Preparation of a seedbed in mulch tillage systems - Stubble cultivation enables the creation of a seedbed before drilling which breaks down the soil pan and enables the root zone to have access to moisture and nutrients. The cultivation depth can be set in relation to the volume of residue left in the field.

Making wheel marks disappear - Today’s modern harvesting equipment can leave wheel marks in the field when working in less than ideal conditions. Stubble cultivation is the ideal way to remove them. The working depth can be adjusted in relation to the depth of the wheel mark. This in turn ensures improved seed placement and germination. Additional benefits include improved boom stability during spraying operations, as in field ridges have been eliminated as well as reduced operator fatigue during subsequent tractor operations.

Weed control - As weeds are extracted from the ground, they dry out and die on the surface. It is also possible to regulate the working depth depending on the type and concentration of weeds to be eliminated.


stubble-cultivator-the-range MOUNTED OR TRAILED, THE CHOICE IS YOURS

 New Holland provides a variety of stubble cultivators, available in both mounted and trailed configurations, allowing operators   to choose the one that aligns with their specific needs. Regardless of the platform chosen, they share several notable   advantages. These include a sturdy, heavy-duty construction designed to withstand uneven fields and rough surfaces.   Additionally, the cultivators offer blockage-free operation, facilitated by ample frame clearance and well-spaced tines.



To cater to the specific needs of every farm, New Holland has developed a range of customizable options for their stubble cultivators. This ensures that each cultivator can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of individual operators and farming practices.


stubble-cultivator-st-range THE ST STUBBLE CULTIVATOR

 The New Holland ST stubble cultivator has been meticulously designed, incorporating a comprehensive array of innovative   features aimed at delivering exceptional stubble cultivation performance.





New Holland's STC range of heavy-duty stubble cultivators presents several advantages to users. These include the presence of rigid tines, allowing for a consistent working depth ranging from 6 to 25cm. Additionally, the entire STC range is equipped with wing shares to guarantee a complete cut across the entire working width, ensuring efficient performance.


stubble-cultivator-stxv-range THE STX V RANGE OF STUBBLE CULTIVATORS

 The New Holland STX V all-round stubble cultivators offer versatility for both conventional stubble operations and mulch tilling.   These cultivators deliver consistent performance throughout the entire working area, reaching a depth of 15cm in a single pass.   The STX V range is equipped with vibrating tines, effectively reducing the power needed and lowering fuel consumption.   Moreover, the entire range is designed for easy maintenance, ensuring user convenience and efficiency.