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With today’s modern machines it is essential that you maintain them perfectly to gain optimum performance. This is only possible with regular servicing to keep your equipment in good working order, enhancing fuel-efficiency, performance and safety.   This reduces the likelihood of breakdowns, repairs and extra fuel consumption, whilst maximizing your investment!

You need back-up service that you can rely on. Cavanaghs of Fermoy offers just that, with comprehensive service contracts or on-demand help when it’s needed to keep your machinery running smoothly. Our Service Departments comprise of a fully equipped workshop or mobile service vehicles that provide on-site service with minimum inconvenience and downtime.

There are many ways to service machinery. You can choose to service your own machine, get an independent servicer to carry it out, or request an authorized dealership such as Cavanaghs of Fermoy. Which one is efficient enough to service your highly prized machine? Of course it should be your authorized dealer such as Cavanaghs of Fermoy because if you value your machine, you will trust your authorized dealership to know everything about that machine and offer you the best methods of care and repair.

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