SH Front Hopper


New Holland's SH front hoppers serve as versatile carriers for bulk materials like seeds or fertilizer, providing added capacity and independence during drilling or fertilizer applications. The SH model offers two hopper capacity options: 1500 liters and 1900 liters. Material distribution is facilitated through a metering system, powered either by a ground drive wheel or electronic drive.

The metered material can be distributed to a choice of either 2 or 4 outlets pneumatically. This distribution process is aided by a potent hydraulically driven blower fan, which propels the material through long plastic tubes to reach the rear implement. To ensure durability, the bottom of the hopper is constructed from stainless steel, a crucial feature when handling corrosive materials like fertilizer.


sh-front-hopper-driving-system-01MECHANICAL DRIVE

SH hoppers equipped with stepless mechanical drive can be seamlessly integrated with a Konnect 1000 monitor. This advanced monitor is designed with nine buttons and offers versatile functionality. Users can employ the monitor to control tramline valves, track the area covered during operations, and conveniently view the fill level of the hopper for enhanced operational efficiency and precision.


sh-front-hopper-driving-system-02ELECTRONIC DRIVE WITH ISOBUS

Hoppers with electric drive from SH can be controlled using the tractor's ISOBUS monitor. In case the tractor doesn't have an onboard ISOBUS, there's a distinct Touch 800 monitor available for better management of the hopper metering system. This monitor provides added functionalities such as application activation/deactivation and seed rate modification. Importantly, the front tank doesn't require GPS data from the tractor, as it is equipped with its own fundamental GPS antenna.


sh-front-hopper-feeding-system-01 METERING SYSTEM

 The dispensing mechanism directs material from the hopper via 2 or 4 custom-made plastic cell wheels. Durable plastic   metering wheels at each outlet guarantee uniform material distribution throughout the entire outlet width. For delicate seeds   such as rape or finely granulated fertilizer, customized fingers can be added to the metering wheels.



sh-front-hopper-feeding-system-02AIR LOCK SYSTEM

The material is subsequently conveyed pneumatically through either 2 or 4 tubes located beneath the tractor, facilitating precise and high-rate transportation. Additionally, for enhanced control, the 4 outlets can be equipped with an air lock system to prevent back pressure in the metering system. This ensures consistent and precise material dispensing even over extended distances to the distributor head on the implement.


sh-front-hopper-operator-environment-01 VISIBILITY & SAFETY

 The streamlined hopper design maintains a compact profile while offering ample and practical capacity. It prioritizes visibility   without compromising safety. An effective lighting system includes dual headlights with high/low beam settings and indicators,   mimicking the tractor headlights. Additionally, the setup incorporates a set of LED work lights to illuminate the field ahead,   enhancing operational visibility.


sh-front-hopper-operator-environment-02OPERATOR CONVENIENCE & DURABILITY

The spacious hopper opening is assisted by gas struts, providing swift and wide access for quick filling using bulk bags or a loader bucket. The foldable platform step facilitates convenient and safe access at all times. Additionally, the unit is equipped with four sturdy support legs, ensuring secure and hassle-free unhitching and storage. The lower sections of both the seed hopper and distributor are constructed from stainless steel, ensuring durability and longevity, even when handling corrosive materials such as fertilizer.



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