Prorotor™ C Rakes


The ProRotor™ C double rotor rakes are designed for central crop delivery. Connected to the linkage arms, they can be hydraulically folded for easy transportation. In transport configuration, the height is under four meters, making it suitable for areas with overhanging foliage. This range features high ground clearance, making it optimal for handling large swaths of dense crop. Specifically available on the 760 and 820 models, the Cardanic rotor suspension technology allows the rotors to move both laterally and fore-aft freely, enhancing operational efficiency.



prorotor-rakes-details-01TANGENTIAL TINE ARM TECHNOLOGY

The tine arms of the rake are intentionally set in a tangential configuration, departing from the traditional 90° setup. This design choice is made to achieve optimal delivery of the crop and ensure gentle handling during the raking process.


prorotor-rakes-details-02Maintenance free rotor arms

The rotor arms on specific models such as ProRotor 420, 450, L 640 Auto-Steer, L 640, C 760, and C 820 are constructed with maintenance-free ball bearings at both ends. These rotor arms, made from durable solid steel, are meticulously designed to endure high-intensity usage, showcasing robust engineering and ensuring longevity and reliability.


prorotor-rakes-details-03Efficient tine arm storage

To facilitate convenient transport and storage, the tine arms can be effortlessly removed and stored in a designated tine arm storage area. This feature not only improves visibility during transport but also reduces the overall width of the rake. This makes it ideal for navigating narrow country lanes or for compact storage, especially during winter or when the equipment is not in use.