Rear Mounted Mowers


The DuraDisc™ series, without conditioning, for rear-mounted mowers, offers cutting widths ranging from 2.37 to 2.77 meters. These mowers utilize a mechanical flotation system, ensuring consistent tracking of ground contours during operation. On the other hand, the DiscCutter™ mower series, with pendulum suspension and available in five models, covers cutting widths from 2.77 to 3.86 meters. This range accommodates operators working in various field types, be it narrow and irregular or spacious. For the 2.77 and 3.11 meter DiscCutter™ models, operators have the option to equip them with the PE-finger conditioner, enhancing wilting performance.

DURADISC™ AND DISCCUTTER™ - The New Holland range of rear mounted disc mowers is available in two variants. The DuraDisc™ Non-conditioner mower and the DiscCutter™ mower conditioner, meaning operators can choose the perfect mower, whether working in narrow, irregular shaped fields, or large open spaces.

STATE-OF-THE-ART MANUFACTURING - Following key manufacturing principles, rigorous manufacturing and quality standards are upheld by a committed workforce, to deliver outstanding quality, durability and reliability.

A HISTORY OF EXCELLENCE - The New Holland brand has become synonymous with hay and forage excellence, an unbroken bloodline which stretches back more than a century.



rear-mounted-mowers-details-01 DURABLE CUTTERBAR TECHNOLOGY

 The core of the mower lies in its cutterbar. The cutterbar's low-profile design, shared across all models, features a flawlessly   smooth underside and a substantial bearing surface. This design ensures minimal ground pressure, safeguarding both the field   and the crop during mowing, promoting faster regrowth. Additionally, the low-profile design allows for cutting the crop to a   40mm stubble height, maximizing crop yield during harvest.



Ease of use

The cutterbar's twisted blades can be swiftly and conveniently replaced using a specialized tool. Maintenance is straightforward, courtesy of the 'on top' serviceability feature. The bearing hubs can be promptly and effortlessly disassembled, providing fast access for servicing and maintenance needs.

rear-mounted-mowers-details-03 PE conditioner Fingers

 The flexible Polyethylene fingers offer exceptional flexibility, are lightweight, and demand minimal maintenance. They are   particularly well-suited for individuals engaged in cattle fodder production. In the event that a finger is inadvertently lost within   the crop, it poses no harm to livestock or the forage harvester, ensuring a safe and hassle-free operation.


rear-mounted-mowers-details-04Tailored conditioning

Depending on the crop, its moisture content, and intended use, you can easily and swiftly adjust the conditioning level using a single handle.


rear-mounted-mowers-details-05 Prepared for the unexpected

 Encountering unforeseen field obstacles is inevitable, but with DuraDisc™ F, DiscCutter™ F, DiscCutter™, and MegaCutter™   models, you're covered by New Holland ShockPro™ disc drive hubs. These hubs act as a safeguard for disc drive modules,   preventing damage and ensuring quick replacement. If a disc comes into contact with an obstacle, the partially splined hub is   engineered to shear, effectively safeguarding the cutterbar drive. This system maintains a secure fit, allowing you the   opportunity to pause and replace the single damaged hub with minimal cost and disruption.

rear-mounted-mowers-details-06TopDry™ feature

This remarkable attribute, present in DiscCutter™ models equipped with PE fingers or Steel Flail conditioners, allows for extensive crop spreading, covering over 85% of the cutting width. This feature enhances conditioning effectiveness by actively guiding the crop into the conditioner. The broader swath exposes a larger portion of the crop to air, reducing drying time—particularly beneficial when operating in unfavorable weather conditions. Additionally, the level of top drying can be easily adjusted using a single handle.

rear-mounted-mowers-details-07 Vari-Float suspension system

 The advanced Vari-Float suspension system utilizes hydraulic suspension technology to guarantee the mower's even tracking of   ground contours. This innovation results in a consistent and uniform cut, promoting optimal regrowth while preserving the   remaining crop without any damage.


rear-mounted-mowers-details-08Hydraulic obstacle release

The hydraulic obstacle release feature remains pressurized during operation, allowing for efficient and uninterrupted mowing.


rear-mounted-mowers-details-09 Safe transport

 The auto transport device automatically secures the mower into a transport position as it is lifted. It can be easily released from   the cab when moving to a new field, ensuring a seamless transition.




Transport flexibility

A choice of different transport options are available.
• Vertical on the side – the mower is transported in a vertical 90° position from the ground
• Rear horizontal fold – the mower is positioned in line with the tractor, ideal when traveling along roads with overhanging trees and branches or under low bridges

rear-mounted-mowers-details-11 Efficient conditioning

 The range of rear mounted DiscCutter™ mowers comes with PE finger conditioning as well as with the TopDry™ feature.  The range of rear mounted DiscCutter™ mowers comes with PE finger conditioning as well as with the TopDry™ feature.