Front Mounted Mowers

The lineup of front-mounted disc mowers by New Holland comes in two distinct versions. The DiscCutter™ F stands out as a top-tier mower conditioner, offered in 3.11 and 3.52-meter variants. It incorporates cutting-edge contour flotation technology, allowing precise ground tracking for consistent mowing performance. On the other hand, the DuraDisc™ F mower is provided in a 2.96-meter model and utilizes a pendulum floatation system to seamlessly follow the contours of the ground.

DURADISC & DISCCUTTER - The New Holland range of front mounted disc mowers is available in two variants. The DuraDisc™ F Non-conditioner mower and the DiscCutter™ F mower conditioner.

STATE-OF-THE-ART MANUFACTURING - Following key manufacturing principles, rigorous manufacturing and quality standards are upheld by a committed workforce, to deliver outstanding quality, durability and reliability.

A HISTORY OF EXCELLENCE - The New Holland brand has become synonymous with hay and forage excellence, an unbroken bloodline which stretches back more than a century.



front-mounted-mowers-details-01 OPTIMAL CROP FLOW

 The DuraDisc™ F and DiscCutter™ F models are engineered to position the harvested crop between the tractor's wheels,   effectively preventing any contamination that may occur if the wheels were to run over the cut crop.


front-mounted-mowers-details-02Ground hugging

The DuraDisc™ F series of front-mounted mowers demonstrates impressive ground-contour tracking abilities owing to its uncomplicated yet robust suspension system. This system reacts effectively to ensure a consistent cutting height even in uneven terrain.

front-mounted-mowers-details-03 Contour floatation system

 The DiscCutter™ F models utilize an advanced contour flotation system. This innovation can offset lateral inclinations of up to   12° and vertical inclinations of up to 55cm. The cutting unit, suspended in a trapezoidal system, tilts backward as it moves in   reverse, making it particularly well-suited for operations in hilly or mountainous pastures. This design guarantees a uniform cut   and minimizes soil contamination during mowing.


front-mounted-mowers-details-04Conditioning offering

The DuraDisc™ is a model without a conditioning feature, whereas the DiscCutter™ F range is equipped with PE finger conditioning.


front-mounted-mowers-details-05 Durable cutterbar technology

 The cutterbar serves as the core component of the mower. All variants derive advantages from the cutterbar's low-profile   design, featuring a flawlessly smooth underside and a broad bearing surface. This design ensures minimal ground pressure,   safeguarding both the field and the crop during mowing, facilitating faster regrowth. Moreover, the low-profile design allows for   cutting the crop to a 40mm stubble height, enhancing crop yield during harvest.


Ease of use

The twisted blades of the cutterbar can be swiftly and effortlessly replaced using a specialized tool. Servicing is made convenient with 'on top' serviceability, allowing easy access. The bearing hubs can be promptly and easily disassembled, facilitating rapid servicing and maintenance.


front-mounted-mowers-details-07 PE Finger available on Disccutter F models

 The flexible Polyethylene fingers offer high flexibility, are lightweight, and demand minimal maintenance. They are particularly   well-suited for those involved in cattle fodder production. In the event that a finger is misplaced within the crop, it poses no   threat to livestock or the forage harvester, ensuring safety and ease of operation.


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