SRC & SRC SmartSteer™ Inter-Row Cultivator


The New Holland SRC and SRC SmartSteer™ inter-row cultivators offer an eco-friendly approach to managing weeds in row crops, bringing potential advantages such as increased crop productivity and lower agricultural upkeep expenses. During operation, the cultivators' tines function at a shallow depth between the crop rows, gently removing weeds from the soil. This gentle cultivation process has added positive effects. In wet conditions, the loosely tilled soil structure aids in drainage and facilitates better water movement within the soil. In arid conditions, the lightly tilled surface above the root zone helps in preserving soil moisture and reducing the risk of extensive cracks in the subsoil. This aids in minimizing moisture loss, especially from the root zone, and safeguards nutrients from being washed away during heavy rainfall. Moreover, the light inter-row soil cultivation fosters an environment conducive to beneficial microorganisms and earthworms, ultimately enhancing the overall health of the soil.



src-smartsteer-inter-row-cultivator-inter-row SUSTAINABLE INTER-ROW CULTIVATION AND WEED CONTROL

 The New Holland SRC and SRC SmartSteer™ inter-row cultivators perform cultivation activities between the rows of a growing   crop. This method effectively manages weed growth and minimizes the need for herbicides, resulting in reduced overall   cultivation expenses and improved environmental sustainability for your operation. The SRC inter-row cultivators are offered   in various configurations, including 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, and 18 rows. Additionally, the SRC SmartSteer™ line includes camera-guided   models with 8, 12, 16, and 18 rows. Both variants come with either 3 or 5 tines and are specifically designed for use in crops   such as beet, maize, and sunflowers. The 3-tine models are suitable for working rows spaced at 40-50cm, while the 5-tine units   are ideal for wider rows ranging from 60-75cm. All models feature hydraulic folding mechanisms, allowing them to be                                                                                                        transported at a width of less than 3m.

src-smartsteer-inter-row-cultivator-inter-rowVibrating tines

The three-tine cultivators come equipped with an innovative VCO tine, utilizing a patented design. Engineered with a low disturbance tip and a 2-degree attack angle, these tines are optimized for working at shallow depths. The VCO tine excels at uprooting weeds while minimizing lateral soil displacement.On the other hand, the five-tine models utilize Universal tines, offering versatility with their 8-degree attack angle. These tines are adaptable to a broad spectrum of soils and diverse conditions.The tines' vibration effectively lifts and shakes the weeds, dislodging soil from their roots to facilitate rapid dieback and inhibit re-growth. Furthermore, this cultivation action breaks up any soil capping and shallow panning, promoting soil aeration, enhancing airflow to the crop's roots, and aiding in moisture retention.


src-smartsteer-inter-row-cultivator-inter-row-stabilizing-discStabilizing disc

Stabilization discs play a crucial role in maintaining a steady and consistent trajectory behind the tractor. They provide improved stability, especially when operating over uneven terrain or navigating around bends. These discs help operators maintain a consistent forward speed, significantly reducing the likelihood of the cultivator veering off its intended path.


src-smartsteer-inter-row-cultivator-inter-row-contour-followingContour following

The tine banks are securely mounted on a quad-link parallelogram. In the case of curved arm variations, a hydraulic cylinder is incorporated, serving optional section control and being linked to the folding mechanism. However, during operations, it remains in a free-floating state. Similarly, the straight arm design also operates in a freely floating manner. Importantly, the working depth of each row unit is consistently maintained across the cultivator's width, even when navigating varying and sloping terrain. This is achieved through a robust suspension link system that effectively prevents any lateral movement of the tines.

src-smartsteer-inter-row-cultivator-inter-row-precision-depth-control Precision depth control

 To uphold the desired depth of each tine bank, an integral depth wheel is utilized, featuring a puncture-proof tire measuring   290mm by 100mm. Operators can adjust the working depth by up to 70mm using a manual winding handle, providing flexibility   and precision in cultivation depth control.


src-smartsteer-inter-row-cultivator-inter-row-fine-tune-row-widthFine tune your row width

Each unit is affixed to the main frame using a swallow tail clamp. This clamp, along with the ability to laterally adjust the tines, allows for precise customization of the cultivator to align with your specific row configurations and accommodate various stages of crop growth.


src-smartsteer-inter-row-cultivator-inter-row-rolling-shields Rolling shields

 Between each unit, there are concave rolling shields in place to effectively manage soil and weed throw, safeguarding young   plants from potential smothering. These shields are adjustable on an individual basis, allowing them to be either engaged or   disengaged based on the growth stage of the plants.


src-smartsteer-inter-row-cultivator-inter-row-star-weedersStar weeders

As an optional feature, star-shaped weeder units are available. These units incorporate individual soft fingers that can be adjusted to operate in close proximity to the edges of the crop. They prove effective in removing weeds that may not be reached by the vibrating tines. For SRC models with row spacings of 45-50cm, a 290mm weeder can be specified, while a larger 370mm version is available for cultivators with row spacings of 60-75cm. Additionally, an optional rear finger harrow is also offered.



 SRC SmartSteer™ inter-row cultivators share the fundamental operating principles of SRC models and are available in   configurations of 8, 12, 16, or 18 rows. What sets the SmartSteer™ models apart is the integration of advanced camera guidance   technology, enhancing precision and productivity during operation while easing the workload for the operator. GPS section   control is employed to guarantee thorough cultivation of every field area, effectively eradicating weed patches and promoting a   higher density of healthy plants per hectare.

src-smartsteer-inter-row-cultivator-smartsterHydraulic side-shift frame

SRC SmartSteer™ models feature a side-shift frame that allows for precise lateral adjustment of the cultivator. This adjustment ensures that the cultivator remains accurately positioned between the rows and compensates for sudden movements made by the tractor. The control of this frame is facilitated through a terminal that receives signals from the New Holland SmartSteer™ camera, enabling seamless and automated adjustments during operation.


src-smartsteer-inter-row-cultivator-smartster-cameraNew Holland SmartSteer™ camera

The SRC SmartSteer™ camera functions by analyzing color contrast between the crop and soil (standard 2D mode). This data is then utilized to identify and determine the rows of the crop. The signals captured by the camera are processed within the SRC terminal, enabling precise control of the side-shift frame. The camera is integrated with a user-friendly touchscreen monitor for easy monitoring and interaction with the system.


src-smartsteer-inter-row-cultivator-smartster-2d-3d-modes2D or 3D mode choice

As an additional option, the camera can operate in 3D Professional mode. In this mode, the camera is capable of detecting not only the color but also the height of both weeds and the crop. This advanced functionality ensures that the cultivator maintains accurate alignment with the crop row, even in instances where weed contamination levels vary.



src-smartsteer-inter-row-cultivator-smartster-proportional-correctionsProportional corrections

In 3D Professional mode, there are additional advantages, such as proportional control of the side-shift frame hydraulics. This feature allows for smoother side-shift corrections during operation, benefiting from proportional hydraulic flow. The result is a more seamless and fluid movement of the machine, enhancing the overall performance and precision of the cultivator.


src-smartsteer-inter-row-cultivator-smartster-isobus-section-controlISOBUS section control

The section control option provides the capability to automatically lift each individual row unit. This functionality is particularly useful when working against crop rows, especially in angled headland areas, to prevent damage to healthy standing crops. It effectively removes uncultivated headland patches where weeds typically thrive. The system can be conveniently controlled through GPS and ISOBUS or integrated with third-party systems connected to the unit's controller.


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