New Holland Big Baler


New Holland has led the big baler segment for over 25 years, introducing a string of pioneering firsts that have revolutionised big baling the world over. Owners will be spoilt for choice in terms of bale size, from 80x70cm through to the largest 120x90cm. Ultimate baling performance is guaranteed in all crops, both conventional and emerging crops. Hay and forage operations’, straw contractors’, biomass business’ and large scale arable farmers’ heads will be won over by up to a 20% capacity increase and up to 5% density improvement, whilst their hearts will beat a little faster when they see the elegant lines of this true harvesting professional.


Throughput is king in the big baler segment. More bales per hour means higher profits and more crop harvested at its optimum. With the new BigBaler you’ll be able to bale at up to 110 bales/hour. What’s more, New Holland made sure the BigBaler can increase your capacity by up to 20%. How? The brand new MaxiSweep™ pick-up design enhances flow as well as drawing in every last piece of crop. The plunger stroke rate per minute has increased by 14% and the in-line crop flow guaranteed by the uniform width of the feeding, processing and pre-compression elements all combine to make the BigBaler the highest capacity New Holland baler ever.


In the competitive market place bale quality can be the deciding factor when lucrative hay or biomass contracts are up for grabs. With the BigBaler, you’ve got an in-built quality guarantee. Best-in-class SmartFill™ bale direction indicators constantly inform the operator which direction he should drive over the swath for even bale formation. The renowned pre-compression chamber and the new IntelliCruise™ system ensures dense even wads for uniform bale density and the most reliable double knot technology around keeps bales tightly together, even after extensive handling and storage.


Efficient servicing and maintenance mean your baler will spend more time in the field, earning its keep, as opposed to being kept. The BigBaler’s exclusive one piece side and front shields mean operators have unfettered access to all service points and moving parts to keep the baler in tip-top condition. The flat deck service platform offers convenient servicing. Open. Service. Close. Job done.


Long baling days, and nights, fly by thanks to a whole host of comfort enhancing features. The IntelliView™ monitor puts control of all bale parameters at your fingertips. IntelliCruise™ technology automatically regulates tractor speed to maximise baling capacity. A comprehensive lighting package turns night into day, ensuring you always have a clear view of the crop. For the ultimate in baling luxury, choose the comfort pack option for truly first class operation.


The BigBaler size is immediately obviously to all users. How? Quite simply it’s on the side shielding. The BigBaler name is the natural progression of the current ‘BB’ designation. The first one or two numbers, either ‘8’ or ‘12’ represent the bale width in centimetres, ‘8’ for 80cm and ‘12’ for 120cm. The final two digits refer to the bale height in centimetres, either ‘70’ or ‘90’. What does that mean to you? You can buy your BigBaler safe in the knowledge that its size will perfectly match your requirements. Trust New Holland for ultimate productivity peace of mind.